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25 April 2013

Going Forward and Standing Still

Do you think things happen in batches, or just more ready to receive certain information at certain times?
The 'thing' I sorted out on Monday is two teaching sessions at The Sewing Box in Leigh on Sea.  Rachael bought the shop a few months ago and is developing workshops on the premises.  I'd been told by my friend Helen several times, go in and see.  So eventually I did and went back on Monday to finalise.
28th May : Bead Edgings
18th June : Hand and Machine Cords
Contact the shop to book
I have done this before, and lots of demonstrating things, and even have a mini qualification in teaching  Mostly its been for the Embroiderers' Guild - this will be the first time I've ever done it for a business concern.  I'm also waiting on teaching or giving a demo as part of an Art Trail, and will be teaching again at the Embroiderers' Guild in August.  There's been a gap because of life issues, (hopefully people will stop with the crises now) but even so its weird all these things have hit the front line this year.
I do know that I couldn't do what others do and travel around the country to teach, or to give lectures. I'm more than happy to demo something and share information, but talking about 'me' well that's another issue entirely.
And the other batch of things - is a batch of stuff for the bin.  Everything I seem to have touched the past week, has resulted in little progress and satisfaction. I really should pay attention to myself, I am useless when I'm too tired or not feeling right.  I know this, but still I persist, but every time the item ends up in the bin.
I messed up the stitching on this, stitched in the ditch when I shouldn't have, lines not straight etc, don't think I can, or want to rescue this.  Then I prepped another little piece, spent ages cutting paper.  So all ready the next day.  Started off with one piece which I couldn't stitch very well again, sigh.  Then turned to this lovely creation, only to find it on the floor and worse - wheel indentations through it.  I'd run over it on my office chair.  Its paper, no rescuing to be done.
I think I might have to warn poor Jae Maries.  I'm on a weekend course with her this weekend - my plan at the moment is to sit quietly and try not to ruin anything, and just soak up whatever she has to say.
Mhmmmm, another one for the useless effort - four times now I've hit the wrong button and 'lost' this post.  Sigh - perhaps I need chocolate?  Or cake?  Or tea?  Or a dark room?


Lcfzx said...

All of them? chocolate cake and tea in a darkened room :-)

Miriam Weaver said...

Congratulations on your teaching appointments sounds like an ideal position and Leigh on Sea cockles for lunch then! Have a good weekend with the Tollesbury group say hello to them for me, sorry I can't join you this year.