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22 April 2013

ERTF Conference and Opportunities

What a great day out on Saturday - except for the minor detour in getting there.  Brain fog, early start, been before easily, but this time missed the correct road.  Too busy nattering with Juliet, and the sat nav woman lies!   But the main thing, still there in time for refreshments.
So where was I?  At the ERTF Conference in Cambridge.  First on the Agenda was a discussion about the group, the what and the how and it came down overwhelmingly that the style of Conference is very much liked and important, as its not what any of us get from our own specialist organisations, plus networking, meeting up with others.  Its so nice, and provided lots of chatter and howls of laughter throughout the day.
The topic this time was Marketing Your Artwork - which if you break it down to your own personal level there was a lot of information to be useful.   Jenny Langley our own ERTF Member gave a really good talk about her work, during which she referenced several times how a previous speaker's words had enabled her to take her work forward.  It was really helpful to see how the initial information had worked out on the practical level, making a positive move in someone's art life.
Karen Jinks talk was also very enjoyable, and right at the level of this is real and how you do it, not some airy fairy arty words.
Like most I suspect I came home exhausted and buzzing.  I've also stated my intent to try for the ERTF Exhibition - work to be made there then.
Inspired by the weekend, taking steps onwards I've put this in hand today.  I did have a meeting about 10 days ago re an opportunity, new environment for me.  So today went for a further meeting and its now a done deal!   Small and local, but new venture for me, so a new experience! Will say more in a few days.

Window in the Library
where we had excellent freshments

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chocolatefrog said...

Sounds great, again I'm wishing there was a similar organisation where I live!