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12 April 2013

Spring Flowers - sort of

Yesterday it was dullsville here, again, last night the fog rolled in and you could barely see the houses opposite.  At the moment there's a spark of sun, wheeee!
I’ve shown a few of my drawings before…but I don’t draw, its not me.  I suspect its cos I’m an Abstract person.  I can draw, enough to get by, but in order to produce something it means so much concentration I get a raging headache, and what is the pleasure in that?
I’m currently working on some pieces which are basic (childlike) shaped houses – I’ve been playing with houses for a little while, beach huts, bird house, they keep cropping up. What goes with them, house/flowers/trees… I have machine stitched freehand some simplistic flowers, but not sure about my efforts, these are from approx a year ago.
I tried drawing lollipop flowers, ie just a circle, but you know there’s quite an art to making simple look good, and clearly I’ve not got it!  A couple of weeks back I had another play, made myself draw in pen, and quickly, and fill a page to practice.  And that's how they stayed, line drawings.
Then last week had a few minutes of therapy, colouring in!!!  Such a very long time since I sat and coloured, it really was soothing and nice to do.  These are alcohol ink felt pens.  And yes I think you can safely say these are naive art.
However, also I’ve finished stitching all the French Knots on a piece.  Its still in progress, but if you want pseudo flowers, then this has them by the bucket load.  Its like a number of sweets in the jar competition, how many Knots?  No idea, but may be I should be paid a £ for every one!


Diane Kelsey said...

You are certainly stitching now!

Emma said...

Love all your flowers, childlike or not ;)