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22 August 2013

Come and Go and Back Again

Well the end to last week was a mixed bag...
The next scheduled class I had with The Sewing Box was cancelled.  Its hard to find students.
But hey ho, its all about timing, right time for the tutor, the students.  Even whether a technique is a current trend.   So I won't be surprised if in a few months, someone says... "I want to learn...."

But I have my date for the next Workshop at the regular Embroiderers' Guild meetings.  Saturday 12th July 2014.  Finances are tight, for all, so we have our own in house Member led meetings, to supplement the Guests.  Branches have a wealth of talent (not meaning me) so its possible to find ideas and its not so scary for anyone to host the meeting.  They don't heckle (much), holding a big stick in your hand they behave.  I've the Programme to type up, and put on the websites shortly, I'll have it proof read first.  The aim is always to have it available for the new Guild year from 1st September, there are some very talented guests, coming along.  So keep checking the sites.

However, forthcoming events, if you just happen to be in Canada....
The latest part of the tour of Articulated Materials, Bridging Waters Exhibition open on 1st September.

Back here on my door step, well, its me!  19th-28th September.  Here's the map for the Rochford Art Trail.  The link will take you to downloadable maps.  You will find my work in the window of the Old Hall, on South Street, Venue 6.
I am also demonstrating at the Adult Community Learning Centre, Venue 1, on Saturday 21st September.

I made myself a tick list this week, checking it twice... it me who's naughty, (ie not doing) but honest I'm nice!!!  I gave myself 7 tasks to do one day... bit ambitious I did 5.  One of them was prep the labels for the Trail... mhmmm now I'm wondering did I spell them right?  But my next task.... play create brilliant jaw dropping pieces, with my Gelli Plate.

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