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17 August 2013

Wotcha Doing?

Last Saturday at the Embroiderers' Guild, it was me, teaching, bookbinding.  They all made a pamphlet stitch book and a one page fold (maze) book.  So everyone achieved and went home with something.  I came home with this, as my thank you gift.  I've said I'll do another afternoon workshop next year, but don't know the date yet - but I will eventually, cos its me who is typing up the Programme!
A book with handmade paper inside from EG

Well so far this week, its been arty and full of excitement and planning.

Site visit to my Art Trail venue on Monday - to measure up and prep for it.  Nice widow, small sill... its about 2m long but workable depth is only about 15cms.  Certainly a challenge.  Not had this set up before.  Its part of the enjoyment of an Art Trail for me, because you don't know until its allocated where or what or how you can use your venue.  Its the oldest building in town, so it also means restrictions, no pins etc into the window frame.  The Trail leaflets should be available now, I've to collect my allocation. Now I have an idea of space, I can get on and make what is planned with this.....

Next, the Material Girls meeting - lots of excitement there.  All I can say is that having bought my diary for 2014, and thinking this is so early to have this - I now need to be thinking about 2015.  But personally I need to finish off some other things, before I can allocate brain space to that one. I was inflicted on the Girls on Tuesday, as it was my turn to explain my project for our current theme.

This is the result of those two things - all of it got to go back into cupboards upstairs.  So far I've divided it into relevant piles.  Told him indoors, plan is to grab something and take it upstairs and put it in its home.  Mhmmm need semaphore I think, cos he totally walked past the pack of copy paper.... and the box of pencils.  Next time printer runs out of paper, nope no idea where its kept, where did you last see it... sigh.

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