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08 August 2013

Sneaky peak

I do hate not being able to show you things properly, but, take a look at what's going on for me arty wise.
Something which is a work in progress/test
A gismo which means I can do this....
New purchase
No space on table, so using chair to gather together things for Sat's workshop
I don't go mad over threads, I have enough hand threads to last many lifetimes!  Rarely buy fabric, and trying to cut down on my paper buying, but I do like equipment (and a nice bit of storage!).  Why show the new scissors?  Incidentally they are EK Success ColorBee.  In my house my scissors are under guard.  You will need to fill a form in triplicate, pay a hefty damages deposit and be subject to intense interrogation little chat about your need to "borrow".  (I did catch himself using cheapy scissors as a screwdriver, and promptly broke the handles - so I'm justified)
I lurve my sewing scissors, and have several from the Professional range of Janome/Kai.  However, I realised I've not actualy bought myself quality scissors for paper.  How could I miss that trick.  Years and years of being a paper person and not bothered.  I saw these being demonstrated and thought, why not.  Part of the demo was that they will make a teeny weeny cut right at the tip, as in only about 1mm.  So I had to test, I mean, can't believe what you see.  And yes, they do.  Not really sure about the colour... but it has an advantage, can actually find them on the table.
Right finish gathering for Sat - so I can sit down and make..... whatever it is I'm making and can't tell you!!!

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Miriam Weaver said...

So much can't tell you going on at the moment!