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12 September 2013

Making and Reassessing

Sigh.... where shall we start?
Well the year has completed on my taking photos on the 1st of each month.  Just a snapshot of life, a means to make me look, stop and see, record.  The idea now kinda fits in with a project I am working on... so may form the basis of a piece of work.
So having managed that regular task, I've embarked on another.... a monthly online workshop on photography.  Never know it might actually help to know what I'm doing!

I've been working on finishing things for deadlines.  Its not been wholly satisfactory, in terms of making, enjoying.  I've so many ideas which I think are better, skills could be better.  So some plans have been revised downwards, which makes me cross with myself.  I've abandoned one idea in terms of making for the timescale.  Its a struggle to say No when you want to try.  I could make, I know I'm capable, I know I could devote the hours.... but I also know that it will be a 'less than'.

In the next 10 days I've to prep for the Art Trail, submit photos and paperwork for a selected exhibition and prep for a day of creative demonstrations.  After that its breathe... next deadline not til Jan.
I think I will need a couple of days of fun indulgent art.  I have these, test pieces, beginnings of an idea, which has yet to develop, so I may sidestep them into something else, just because I can.

Both are 'painted' using Gelli Plate printing
multiple layers, bottom one has a layer of copper paint, would you believe.
Hopefully if you click on them they will enlarge

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