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20 October 2013

Coming Around and Changing Around

Isn't it strange how things seem to go round in circles, might be huge circles which take forever to complete, but sometimes the loop seems to join up.
Sorry I have circles on the brain because of a project - but it seems textile wise that this year may well end in the way it started. Unexpected exhibiting opportunity, locally, exhibit what you have already, vacant space to be utilised.   (Same as happened at the start of the year).  Awaiting more info, but seems a 'why not'.  It will cost me only a bit of time and effort, also same as before.  I see it as a chance to join in, building relationships.

At the EG last week, we had guest speaker, Sharon Blackman, she makes what I believe she terms Folk Art.  I call it naive art, simplistic shapes.  Actually its hard to do 'simple' to make it look good, and not like child scribbles.  So Sharon took us through practical steps to make a piece of our own.  This is my effort.....
hideous, not arty, quirky, just plain wrong. I decided, give it another go, but with my interpretation.  This means paper of course, and I did it twice!
White on white... I've done a lot of this in the past, but then go on to paint colour after, on top of the white paint..  This time, it has stitch/paint/stitch.
It has some bad stitching on it... but the effect is quite nice, and I doubt I could do intentionally if I tried.  OK, but not a masterpiece.

At the same time, I made this one.... much more like my idea.
The pink background is a monoprint via the Gelli Plate.  Its all a bit 'pretty' - so not like me, though every so often I have need to attempt to be more girly, heck it has pink in it!  Actually I like the multiple patterns, not a plain in sight.  I might do some more... but for now, the itch has been scratched.

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