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28 November 2013

Senior Moments and Junior Pic

Oh dear.... think I might have hit the "senior moment" era.
Computer has had an update... so that's why I spent about 30 minutes trying to find things which should have been under "My computer" - stupid machine has changed it to be called "This PC" - huh, why?  Look its doesn't take much to confuse my poor old brain.
Thought, running out of white felt, need to get some more.  Now this was always part of a ritual for me.  Back "home" visiting the old fashioned fabric shop which has been there for eons.  I used to buy felt there by the metre, and its the only place I knew I could get it by the metre.  Now I've no family in the town, returning home is difficult, not been back in a long time because simply not ready for it.  So... where to get some felt.
Easy get it via the internet.  So I did, and immediately an email to say despatched.  Errr so what's this big folded up piece of fabric sitting here then?  Ooops.
And I've promised myself NOT to spend without thinking.... so that's why last week I sent for some more paper to play with, which I don't need, and is in colours I never use.... heck the colour option is called Neon! Its hot pinks and oranges.

I'm bursting with ideas for an EG afternoon I'm teaching... considering its about 8 months away, little premature, and of course by the time the day gets here it will be, what was it?  Lists, and more lists, heck use my new neon paper to flag up where I put the list!

Now time for an animal update.  I've worked out that despite trying very hard to be a "proper" artist, sincerity, integrity etc - actually on the internet I get more responses and views when I add photos of kittens!!!  Hang on, just got to go to This PC to find them, tsk.
This is about a month ago, Bandit laying on top of Spike, look closely and you can sort which legs belong where.  Ssssh they have an appointment with the vet next week, what an early Christmas present to give them!!!

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Miriam Weaver said...

We all have those senior moments, sadly the gap between them is getting shorter for me!
Mmmm neon paper sounds lovely.