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11 December 2013

Tis the season...

for lost parcels - fah la la la lah, la lah la lah.
(In a time far far away I used to sing in front of people, now its a sound cross between crunching gravel and murdering cats)
The great parcel fiasco... well several actually.  A couple of small letter packets were delivered to the wrong house, not only that, the wrong street.  Then Monday, expecting 2 parcels, delivered 2 parcels, signed for 2 parcels.  Opened 2 parcels, 1 is not mine!  Very nice courier came back at 7.40pm to exchange for the right one!

One of my parcels was a light.... remember the saga of attempting to use the sewing machine at this time of year.  See this previous post.
Well I've strapped various lights to my machine, hung them round my neck, twisted angled, poised, and that's just me!
Now I have a new toy, expensive, but let's see if this is the answer.
Its an Ottlight (already own one which I have as a bedside light) The beauty of this is that its both electric and rechargeable battery.  This means I can put it wherever I want it, yeah!   No sockets where I sit in the lounge, which is partly why I never work downstairs.  It means I can easily move it from sewing machine to this table.  Next, needs testing, oh that means actually doing some work then?  Let's hope this is the answer, as seem to be gathering quite a collection of torches and lights etc.
This is why I need extra lights.... yesterday morning really thick fog here, this is the sun just trying to peep through at about 8.15 am.
See the house behing the telegraph pole?  Yesterday fogged rolled in and I couldn't see the house, not even an outline.  Another foggy day today, not so bad, but no hint of decent light yet, more hanging out of windows to take photos though....
Oh talking of windows, ha, via my personal Facebook page I'm adding a daily pic of  doors and windows for Advent, as I do seem to 'acquire' them - sky pics could last the whole year...... have just one or two, cough


Miriam Weaver said...

Hope the light works, very frustrating! Fingers crossed your parcel situation gets no worse, so far everything is good for us this year, previous years it's not been that good. But anything is better than battling through the crowds at the shopping centres. It's been foggy here too, I let Betsy off the lead yesterday and watched her disappear into the fog, thankfully the hint of a treat and the shout of 'look what I've got' and she came charging out of the murky mists. A short run yesterday as I didn't want to end up spending all day shouting out for her like scene from Wuthering Heights.

Diane Kelsey said...

Note to self, to work harder in the summer! The lack of good light at this time of year is definetly a problem, especially with the lighting in my house. Loving your advent!