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31 December 2013

2014 Here I come!!!

Time rolls on and here we are start of a New Year, time to think of hopes and dreams which may become a reality.  A reflection on previous year, thoughts of what to do better, explore further, yes even abandon or adjust, personally and art wise.
But I try to keep this for my textile life, so...

2013 saw a new development for me... a set of work, and not one but three, poss four, depends how you define a body of work!!
I always see my pieces as inter connected, but have never tried to make a cohesive group, so closely similar, before, nor to set out with the intent of X number in the set before a needle has been threaded.  And yes I did struggle with the spirit to keep going.  This is mainly because after making one, the itch is scratched.  One of these sets is 99% hand stitch, which will make some of my friends faint... they think I only use the sewing machine, whilst I think I use anything and everything I like!  Perceptions? Oh to see ourselves as others see us... scary.

To 2014 - and my arty plans

~ Exhibition for ERTF opening Feb - items already made, tick.
~ Exhibition at Textiles in Focus, Feb with The Material Girls - items 90% made, little tick!
~ Potential Art Trail submission, yes also Feb deadline, sigh.  Ideas, and possible items, not enough for even a tiny tick yet...
~ Further Art Trail submission, usually around May, ideas only.
~ Next topic for The Material Girls - in early research.
~ Me inflicted on my EG Branch - I've made lists!!!
(Look on the listing on the right of this blog for quick references)

If submissions accepted that will mean displaying work in June and Sept and any other adds ons as part of process.
There are other possibles... but at the moment I'm coming down on the No side.  I know I would like the project, can do the project, but think I need NOT to do the project!  Its not the doing of, or discipline needed, I'm finding hard, but the switching of my head from one thing to another, thought wise. I think I need to allocate time out and recharge a bit. Instead I need some fun input, things which really don't matter and provide joy in the moment.
After writing this in draft, twice in one day I came across similar ideas. One person said their New Year Resolution was
"Do Less - but Do It Better" 
Then there was the magazine article, taking the ideas from the 5:2 diet and applying to other areas of your life, restriction/cutting down on something for two days, be that internet use or watching tv.  Personally I can easily manage 5 days of cutting down on hoovering!  I go with the theory that if you squint you can't see the dust!  Heck just take your glasses off....
So to bring some fun, I made myself a Holiday project... and here it is.

A Boast of Bunting!
I hope you will keep me company, here or on my Facebook page, for another year of mixed media textile adventure.
Wishing You A Very Successful Happy Arty 2014

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chrissythreads said...

Happy New Year Bev !