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19 January 2014

Coming next....

I can't believe we are so far through January already!
Yep I am still here.  My "do less but do it better" is kinda twisted at the moment.
A committee meeting due 27th was brought forward to 13th, so that meant planning up the creek.  Had to divert to do paperwork for that, and of course having been to the meeting received more tasks to do! But..... its my last committee meeting, so that will free up some head space.
We had a photography meeting at The Material Girls... our latest pieces for showing at Textiles in Focus.  Click on the link to go to the blog for some taster images.  Following that meeting, I've some more paperwork tasks to do, and perhaps more making.
I am going to be stewarding at Textiles in Focus on
Friday 21st February
So I think it was essential that I popped to the shop and purchased a supply of lime green Post-It notes, so I can actually see my list of tasks.
I also had one of those moments of needing to be a child, and bought a pack of 30 felt tip pens for the grand price of a £1.  I remember getting one of those ginormous packs which seemed to be about 2 yards long, as an Xmas pressie.  Wonder if today's kids would be so thrilled!
Oh The Material Girls are now on Facebook - click this link and please Like us.
I am working hard, no nice pics to show you, so something from my collection I think...


Su said...

Looking forward to seeing your work in the flesh at Cottenham :-)

Beverley said...

Oh Su, hope its OK.....