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20 March 2014

Inspiration.... if I remember...

This is going to be a bitty post.... cos that is how I feel at the moment, lots of bits of stuff going on.
Finishing the two Exhibitions you'd think life would be back in order, but somehow I'm still catching up.  Not least the need to put things in cupboards in order to start over afresh.  I'm hoping that once I finish my role as  a website manager in April I'll find more time - but then I did agree to and have been helping out another website, a hmm non arty this time.

This is the postcard I received in the Great Big Postcard Swap - comes from Sophie in Ireland.

On Saturday I went to an Artist Book Fair - now I don't think I've ever been to an exhibition/event which is solely devoted to artists books, or the book arts... and part of the reason is also part of the reason I don't make as many books as I'd like - means of display.  So often they require a shelf, cabinet, table, some venues are purely wall space only and some you wouldn't trust to be secure to leave things.  I've seen small exhibitions before, devoted to book arts, just by one or two people - this time there were around 18 or so.
All different skills and interpretations of the genre.  You can see a snapshot of the work on show via this gallery page.  Had a nice time chatting with the artists.  One of them was explaining her methods and I thought.....

Oh dear I've got some of that, and that.  More of this buy when you see think its a good idea, store it somewhere safe you can't find it, and forget the idea you had to use it for in the first place!  And yesterday something else cropped up and it was, yep got some of that to try... and then worse duh not only heard of the technique but actually done it....   It makes you seem a bit of a know-it-all - but in the same breath having tried and used so much diversity, I forget about things or it takes years to come back to being the very thing you need.  I did consider at one point making a list of all the techniques or things tried.... so I could remember and/or go back to - but then that would just be a huge avoidance technique of not doing at all.  As we used to say in college - "first hoover the cat"  ie very difficult time consuming and pointless task.  So... need to make myself a little sample book of relevant to now techniques - but first, where's the bag of stuff I bought last Summer?????
Oh and I got some paints out for another play, not sure they are made any more...Colour Sprays by Crafty Notions.  Realised again why they get relegated to the back of the cupboard, either the nozzles won't spray or they splat over everything.

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