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13 March 2014

Returned and Onwards

Well, do you remember this from a few weeks back.

Well in the space of a couple of days, its all back home again.  All that work and the time out on display just races past, or is that a sign of old age (oi who is shouting over there).

The Material Girls work was really well received at Textiles in Focus.  Do take a look at our blog page for some images.  However, that's not its only outing.  It is a way ahead, but the work is due to appear in Essex, at Gallery 50, Craft Arena, Billericay.  So plan your Christmas shopping to include a visit to see the work in December, and spend your Christmas money in January 2015, as we will be there just into the New Year!!! I know, ssssh the C word, but people do start mentioning it in July, and creatives start their makes months in advance.  So what's a few months even earlier than that!  I'd wish you Happy Christmas but I can see things being thrown at the screen, ouch!!!

The Material Girls have some exciting news - a new Member, Helen Wilson, who many of us have known for some time.  And we are excited to move on to our next project.  See this blog post.
I won't say anything about my choice of topic for the next project (might change, who knows) except to say - its  likely where I should be.

On a personal level, more excitement in that I will be teaching a day workshop in early July, won't say any more because its not common knowledge as yet, until the host says so.

It really is so strange how in the space of 10 days how things can move and change,blossom and inspire, plus I think this current warm weather and in particular the blue sky, just fires you up into feeling so much better about things, or is the half can of cider I found in the fridge at lunchtime......

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