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10 March 2014


For my non Facebook friends.... a pussiemog update

Awwww littlle itty witty baby
Spike first weekend we had him in Sept 13
Around 11 weeks

Now a bigger baby
Spike in February 14

We don't let them play with the little balls any more, certainly not unsupervised.  They are made of a hard sponge, and tend to get stuck on their fangs.  Spike is bigger than his brother, he's a stocky cat, about 400gms heavier than Bandit now.  You can see his stripey leg warmers on the back legs.

Bandit on left, Spike on right
First week of March 14

This was after they woke up at 5am, played chase around the house at full speed, then time to collapse in a heap for sleep.  Bandit is still nick named Lanky Legs, he doesn't seem taller, but those legs have a very long stretch.

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