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25 April 2014

A spider or a duck????

Sigh - well I'm all webbed out, get it!   Been looking at the workings of web stuff for so long that's it, I will turn into either a spider or a duck!!

I've updated my profile on the ERTF site (now I'm no longer doing the techy stuff, about time I sorted me out!)

But more importantly drum roll please, trrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

My website has been updated
Please take a look, some photos removed, new added, freshened up a bit.  If you find any typos do let me know, stare at things for so long it starts to merge.
Of course this does mean, that the computer itself is the equivalent to opening cupboards and drawers and scattering things everywhere.  Needs a major tidy, but that also means I need a chocolate fix before I'm even  going to bother with that.

Right, so what was I doing before I thought no good, trying to change a little bit every day on the site is not working, so let's hit it.
Oh I know I was doing some of this....

prepping for the EG meeting I'm taking in July.  Miraculously this pile is still on the table, and hasn't been snaffled by furries.  They did however remove the leftovers from the waste bin!  The workshop will involve a bit of recycling, or upcycling or repurposing or whatever the phrase is these days. (I saw the term applied to rescue cats.... as preloved, awwww).

Next week I'm off to the Book Fair in Norwich, combining with family and personal appointments, but I have a place on the close up viewing session to see the Anne Boleyn Bible.  No doubt I will be overwhelmed with ideas from my visit.... oooh I wonder if I feel another long book coming this way.

Until next time - quack!

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