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16 April 2014

Ting ting, change here please

And breathe....

Now moving into a new phase of creativeness.  I have been the ERTF Website Manager for the past three years, its a role I've now handed over to my friend Janette. What an experience and huge learning curve its taken me on.  From day one of it being a helping and managing role, to writing out website design briefs and doing much of the background stuff to aid making a new website entirely.  Certainly not what I anticipated, doubted I could do. I've learned so much, and doing that has supported me through some dark times. But time now for it to move on to another.... fresh eyes to see what's needed next and time for me to put back into my own.  My poor little website has been much neglected, and sometimes doing for others your own things get pushed down the pile.  Its time for them to regain their priority.
So I still have my physical post-it notes... and the puter ones attached to my home page!

Excellent talk at the April ERTF Conference, on Photographing your Textiles.  Hints and tips and a really nice helpful speaker in Dr Chris Thomas.  See his view of our day here.

Saturday really good talk at the Embroiderers' Guild meeting, and not a stitch in sight!.  Liz Trenow talking about her 11 generation history with silk weavers, and the stories behind those experiences which have evolved into novels, a collaboration with Lynne Edwards to inform a book and provide possibility to make the quilt described within the pages.  It was fascinating from all sorts of aspects, and much enjoyed.

The Material Girls are now moving full steam ahead (or more likely full sail ahead) with their next project.  A collaboration with the National Trust.  This is taking me in a whole new direction, and part of the reason I joined the group in the first place, for challenges.  Our brief for this project is very tight, and someone said to me they couldn't work like that, so prescriptive.  I thought about it, and realised that actually I already have my 'freedom' via the work I do as myself, so I don't feel confined or squashed by this project, because its a compliment, or different aspect, to how I work elsewhere.  I'm changing in subtle ways too for The Girls... I love love love my 8x6 notebooks, it was finding the size of notebook to suit me, that freed me up in terms of using.  But my notebooks for these projects have moved into A4.  Not entirely comfortable with that, but with so much research to do, let's give it a go.

The sun is out, my tree is full of blossom... as I'm no good at realistic imagery in my work, nothing better than nature itself, so here's a photo.  And today, I'm going to do some arty play.

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