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04 June 2014

Kitty Kats

For my none Facebook friends, new cat photos.

Can you see it?
Bandit doing one of his tricks, worming his way under cushions
He should have been named Wigglebum

Here he is (Bandit)
Outside, playing with ping pong ball.
Very much a night time cat though, took us ages to get him outside in daylight.
Still waits til dusk before he goes out happily, then 2 hours later he will come in

Found his place under the bush which all our previous cats have also liked.
This one bit of a fuss pot, before we leave the house he has to have upsidedown tummy rubs
He should have been named Twizzle.

Both have been off their food a couple of days.
But all fit and well now....
just to make sure, they ate a fly each for supper.
Aren't animals lovely!!!


Su said...

What gorgeous cats! I have one who likes burying into and under things too, dug his way into a fabric pile the other week and came out wearing a fetching piece of striped seersucker!

Beverley said...

Thanks Su.... can't bear not having an animal, for all the silly things they do, just wish the kittens wouldn't wake up with the dawn chorus, and decide it time to race round the house.

Miriam Weaver said...

They are such lovely cats Beverley, love the wiggle bum photo!