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21 May 2014

Meetings, Promotion and Secret Makings

Last week was very full on, and it will make me sound like a proper legit artist to mention! He he.  Every textile organisation or event I have in the calendar had something done on it last week.  Three meetings on consecutive days.  Others involved emails, may be just a few lines, may be something more, but everything had its moment.
Its all very do-able, except for switching the brain between things, and I really do buy lime green post-its so I can't miss things.  Didn't stop me last week scrabbling in my bag/purse to find a business card, so how come last night I put my hand in and found the 10 I'd put there??? Actually if you recall I set a New Year resolution, "do less but do it better" - well hitting June almost, and I'm not there yet.  I think it will work out, but in our arty world thing don't run to a calendar.  Everything always seems very intense and then nothing, well it does for me.  All I can say is a good job I didn't live in 1751 (from my Georgian research for Rainham Hall project of The Material Girls)  Switching to Gregorian calendar in September they missed out 11 days!!!  I seem to lose days somewhere as it is....

Anyway I have been stitching, I've made this:
Like it?   Its a secret, can't show you.  I can tell you its a postcard and made for Burnham Art Trail.  Postcards made as part of an anonymous artist, sealed bid sale.

I've also done a self portrait sketch... now if you  know me you will know how sick this makes me feel.  I don't have my visage on show, last week I had my photo taken (as part of the room view) but heart was racing, it honestly makes me feel ill and close to tears. I'm trying to (wo)man up, but I still find it hard to showcase me, as oppose to the art.  Even doing the sketch at home in private, had the same effect.  I don't do real, certainly don't do me, so pleased that the result isn't too alien looking.  It too is for an event. There may be a follow on to a meeting last week... poss an interview, to give background and substance to an event, and I believe I'd be one amongst many.  Last time I had a photo and an interview, it was near to a cafe, so involved tea and cake to recover, because absolutely, I was shaking.

I've had a look at my venue at Burnham, as said, its a Funeral Directors, but the window space is right on the corner, opposite to the main supermarket and just down the road from the railway station which has a big event of its own for the Trail.

I've also submitted the paperwork for entry into the Rochford Art Trail, so wait and see what's on offer with that one.  I've now done many of these "in 50 words" submissions, but every single time, I can't help but want to write "I made it cos I like it" - or visions come in to my head of "complete this tie breaker and win a year's supply of dog food" which I must enter, even though I don't have a dog!
Mhmmm perhaps us artists just aren't wired the same as others.... well, may be this one isn't!!

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