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21 September 2014

Rochford Art Trail

until the end of the day Sat 27th Sept 2014


My work can be found at Venue 10
15 North Street
Please contact me direct if you are interested in any pieces
Here are window views

Left hand window
'Roundabout Rochford' top with map postcards
'Roaming Essex' bottom
Right hand window
'Traverse 1, 2 and 3' top
'Travel Journal' bottom

There is a lot of reflection as the work is in glass cubes behind the window

Details of the work....
From 'Roundabout Rochford' - which is mounted on a window mount, ready for own frame.
Comprising machine stitched together paper circles, which have then been mono printed, overlaid with hand stitched street plan of Rochford.

'Roaming Essex' - a stitched and mono printed background, with an undulating map of Essex stitched in a bookbinding technique.

'Traverse 1, 2 and 3'  - each has machine stitched patterns and pathways.  1 Pink, has the addition of surface embellishment made from printed paper, enhanced with Spectrum Noir Pencils.  2 Blue, is hand stitched.  3 Green sequins.

'Travel Journal' - an accordion book.  Each page has a map of an area, decorated with beads of varying types, ie Scotland, white beads for crofters cottages.  With a meandering journey line across all pages.

I make many 'postcards' which in reality should be termed small art works, as they are 8" x 6" suitable for framing.  See my website for more images of those and of my work in general.

It was a very busy and successful launch on Thursday, after admiring the work of others, always a joy, jaw dropping at the skills involved, I found myself acting as a sudden teacher's assistant.  The launch had two school groups present, and I helped out with the sewing sessions.  Well behaved but there's a reason I don't have children.... I fear they would be taught as in Victorian times if left alone with me!!!  Now, was there actually a reason I had put on my witch hat brooch that day.... mwah ha ha!

Rochford Art Trail offers up guided walks for FREE.  11am assembly at the Water Pump in The Square.  Come along on Monday, where I will be available, to chat about my work, outside my venue.

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