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06 October 2014

Messy Fun

Well I've been having fun - following the One Pull Wonders course - can't believe it, already in Week 4 of 5.
When I first saw there was a new Gelli Plate out, I wanted it, I think it will fit right in with both my plans and the space I have to work in.  So was thrilled when I tracked down a supplier and it arrived.  So now I have the A4 approximation and 3x5.
So here's what I've been doing, with stencils and paintbrushes, and fingers.....
I have more than these of course, as there are three lessons a week, but I decided just to do the lesson and then when I need it in a more considered colour way, to do that.  Of course naturally I'm drawn to everything abstract.
I think this has been good value... about the price of a single day's workshop. There will be 15 techniques, plus some extras, and then seeing what others produce and their version, gives more.
I'm not a pink person... but find myself reaching for that hot pink over and over... in fact I ordered some new paints which included orange and the lime green.
I do remember eons ago attending a talk by Leslie Morgan  she made comment that thread on a reel can look massively different (of course, duh) to the single strand of thread, and that she often used bright colours or unexpected colours in her work.  That single line of thread isn't then so scary and makes things 'pop'.  I immediately bought a reel of what I'd call, bright leery pink.  Its a tip well worth remembering, and I think I should apply it to my paint plans!  See the print with the black paint, doesn't look like it has the same pinks and orange as in the bottom pic... but they are.
Oh, and I bought myself a charity shop book especially for the roller cleaning of paints.  Spent ages choosing, and thought this most appropriate.  Alice's Adventures in Wonderland!

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karen said...

I do like the backgrounds you have created here Beverley and as for the charity shop book, once you have finished rolling off your paint on to them it would make a brilliant sketchbook. Just think of how many interesting pages you would have.