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24 December 2014

Fun for me!!!

Well the day is almost upon us, and I've still presents to wrap, but well, you know there has to be priorities, so....

I've mentioned before, a personal Christmas ritual, from childhood was always to have something creative to make.  I associate the making with Boxing Day afternoon.  Stitch kits, crochet...   So I like to have a Christmas make. Over the years I've bought myself all sorts of fun things.... the flower weaving kit to replace one from childhood, a mini portable spirograph, fancy yarn to crochet a scarf.  This year I've not bought anything.....

However, I've pinched an idea... I've filled a sketchbook with paint backgrounds, and intend to doodle, play, zentangle, as and if I feel like it.  No shortage of sketchbooks in this house, but why did I buy a DL size? Time to put it to use.... so here it is prepped.  Between mince pies, chocolate and fizz, it might not get used, but as I spend Boxing Day alone...... I will be happily content to play.

These are wet on wet with clingfilm overlays
Spectrum Noir Aquatints

A few stencils made on my
Silhouette Portrait, bought designs, well free cos I have a voucher!
Love the look of them with the paint left on.

Acrylic paint

Using a stencil which I won from

Wishing everyone all the very best

1 comment:

Jakki said...

Beverley, thanks for pointing me, from Facebook, to your blog. I, too, love the look of the stencils when they have paint on them! With a Silhouette I would imagine that it really doesn't matter what you make your stencils out of because you can just make another if it tears.
Once you get beyond the Silhouette/Cricut pricepoint the cost of the machines really jumps up, even the Scan n Cut is $100 more and I just can't justify spending that much. My Christmas money doesn't quite cover the cost from Amazon, so I'm grubbing around for change hidden in the sofa. Unfortunately, my husband isn't too keen on my crafty purchases!
Recently, for some strange reason, all the blogs I've linked to (I'm going to follow yours too) have been from England. I was born in Woking, Surrey, and we emigrated to Sydney in 1965. I met and married an American there, and we moved to the USA in 1977. Barring 3 years, when my husband was transferred to his firm's UK office in Woking would you believe, I've lived in Connecticut the whole time. I remain strangely moved to see the names of towns in England I'm familiar with and often forget I can't just drive there to see exhibitions etc. I've told my family I have a Union Jack tattooed on my heart!
Anyway, thanks for the input on the Silhouette stencils. I'm almost ready to press the Amazon order button.