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05 January 2015

Happy Creative 2015

Happy New Year
I hope those of you who drop by here and read, will continue to do so in the forthcoming year.  I try to keep the blog primarily based on my arty life, a behind the scenes look, a keeper of ideas/records, and just general arty waffle - though occasionally cats might appear, as an update.
Incidentally New Year's Day present, Bandit brought home a mouse.  Plus despite buying a new toy for Christmas both are preferring the wine cork and an empty linen basket. Tsk.

Bandit and Spike

Things move and change quickly at this time of year, don't they?  Heard of two things which are testing to see if feedback promising, one a studio opportunity, bit too far away for me, but I dream.... sigh!  The other a small sales opportunity, said yes please to learning more, so will see if the year brings forth anything more.

I've found a new group to join on Facebook, to hopefully further the Gelli-ing and also a few more new Likers, so that's a good start to the year.

The Material Girls exhibition, Tales & Textiles, now enters its last week.  Please go along to see, as some items have been sold, so will be off to new homes shortly.

This coming Saturday I am taking the meeting at the Embroiderers' Guild, South & East Essex Branch, see here for location/programme.
I promise to ease you gently into the New Year, with my practical afternoon "X Marks the Spot".

Seems very odd that come 11th Jan both an exhibition and my scheduled EG task will be done and dusted.  Still it does mean that half the things on my January To Do List, will actually be done before half the month is up!

Please continue to join with me as I see what creative developments 2015 brings.


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