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14 January 2015

Finished and Beginning

Well here we are a couple of things already ticked off the year's list.

Firstly The Material Girls Tales and Textiles Exhibition is at an end.  I made a few sales and my first with the group, so that in itself is very pleasing. I've updated this blog post with what has sold.

The Material Girls have been and continue to work very hard on their next project.  Its a very very special development of The 'Girls talents and knowledge from all aspects of being creative artists.  Keep tuned in to the blog, website and Facebook to see developments.

Next my practical afternoon workshop for local branch of the Embroiderers' Guild.  "X Marks the Spot" - this is what I had to show them.

And these are pics of what was produced.

Photos courtesy of Juliet Bryson

I was trying to work out how many of these I have done, and its a lot.  I have an incomplete list.  In lots of ways a practical mini workshop is more difficult to think of and prep for than a day workshop. When a "paid for" workshop is offered its a specific topic for a specific audience. They sign up because they want to, have an expectation of content, and have the skill set and/or willingness to embrace what's offered for the day.
The mini workshops have to cater for many interests and skill levels, at our Branch we tend to advise Members on what to bring for the session, but not on exactly what it is.  This is because sometimes people can be of the mindset 'oh don't like the sound of that, I won't go' - whereas pushing yourself when its not in your comfort zone can produce pleasant surprises.   No pressure to join in, but usually everyone does.  Its a challenge (which I enjoy) to firstly think of a topic and then ideas for all skill levels in the room at the same time.  I'm not paid as such, received a gift certificate, but its my way of contributing to the Branch.
So I will have to wait and see if I get asked for another..... and wait for the idea to appear!

Oh and incase you wondered... yes I did do some doodling in my gelli/paint effects book over Christmas, and since.  Not meant to be super designwork, but playing.  It did reveal one thing, so out of practice, my hand ached from holding the pen.

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