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27 January 2015

#artchain Challenge

If you are not on Facebook, then you won't know that there are times when sharing something takes hold.  This time its a means to share and get your art known to others.  There are a few variations currently on Facebook, but this is what I was nominated for, #artchain
1 piece of artwork each day for 5 days
and nominate another person each day.

Here's the opportunity to share more detail:

Day 1
This sample dates back to around 1994 (or earlier)
so its not quite the beginning of my journey of stitching on paper.
Its my own handmade paper with fleece included.
Dyed with Dylon dye
Woven papers dyed and coloured with acrylic wax
Feathers and machine stitch.
This piece is included in the book "Beginner's Guide to Papermaking" by Heidi Reimer Epp and Mary Reimer.  I actually have two items in this book, but 3 images, one being used as the full page background image for the gallery chapter.

Day 2
Purple Prose
Two books in one.  Pages fan out in one section and revolve in the other
Various samples attached to thick 'plasma' plastic
Fan element fastened with rivet.
Revolving section rings through holes
Inspiration:  to combine book constructions and the colour purple!

Day 3
Heart Mosaic
Looking around I found many artists have a favourite motif/colour.
Deciding I needed something, I chose the heart motif.
I've made many pieces with hearts on, over the years, overall my best sellers.
This piece is purchased handmade paper, with machine and hand stitching. As well as shell and metal heart buttons, you will find hidden outline stitched hearts.

Day 4
Secrets from the Attic
Made for an exhibition this is a suitcase full of things I like.
Two different styles of books, map inspiration, large postcard format, envelopes and small postcard, pretty things such as flowers, bunting and a tassel.
Hand and machine stitch, bookbinding, melting and burning, many techniques, and of course, lots of paper!
I wrote out an entire story purely for myself, on who could have owned the contents and why.
Its an idea I'd like to do more of, and I have the suitcase of course......

Day 5
Tudor Rose
Inspired by my location.  The Boleyn family owned the local Hall.
Oh and look carefully the petals are hearts....
Not the first piece made using this technique
White stitch on white paper, with paint added.
The background has at least seven colours in the process.
Its a technique I enjoy (beach huts a recent result) and am pursuing further.
Future work also involves stitch and paint.

I hope you have enjoyed this little insight into my art pieces, thoughts and processes.  It all connects into the whole, even though it may not look like it.  Please comment, it helps to know you are not talking to yourself!  You can of course check out my work via my website - if you are on Facebook, please visit and Like my page.
Thank you for visiting.

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chocolatefrog said...

Fascinating! Enjoy flicking through pics on FB but really prefer blog where there's more background info.