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27 June 2015

Burnham Art Trail - Last Two Days!

Well last weekend of Burnham Art Trail., so much work and prep and then it all rushes past.

This piece is specifically for the area "Burnham Bound"

As always, with every Trail, there are new situations to experience.
This is my first time in a studio/gallery situation.  Lovely venue.

I spent all day stewarding on Thursday, it was a very quiet day, no telling if its too hot, too cold, ending of school term, so busy elsewhere.  I put my time to good use, with some prep for our next EG meeting.

However, having had a really quiet day, with a fraction over an hour left to go, the room exploded with noise and chatter.  18 primary school children with three teachers arrived.  Each with a little clipboard, they'd been out walking the Trail for three hours, on a very hot day, but still had boundless energy.  The gallery space has a permanent collection on display, high on the walls/top floor level.  Didn't take long before there was whispering...   "there are naked people up there"!

I did chat with the few visitors, yes some are interested in textile art, asking lots of questions. A couple were interested in a piece by my host, let's hope it becomes a sale.
So I was ready to leave, but we'd not closed the doors, so the two late visitors were allowed in.

Surprise and new to me to see, in his set up, fellow exhibitor Colin had added QR codes to his labels.  I wonder if this is something to be aware of for the future.....

 I will be back stewarding on Sunday afternoon, so come and say hello.

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