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21 June 2015

Sunday Share - 21. 6.15

Another delve into the sketchbook.  After last week's chat, you might have thought err why?  Well what you see here is more of how I use a sketchbook - really its just a place to save information, and in convenient form.

For some reason I have a deep need to photograph doors, which also at times includes windows, gates and chimneys.  The doors dominate my photo collection though, but I haven't really made much art from this source...

However, as you will know from past posts and work, I do like beach huts and conversely the stereotypical birdhouse.

So here we have the latter.  Much as you can readily find templates for such things on the internet.  I work everything out myself.

I will spend ages drawing, planning, measuring, trying to get the look right.  Yes it would be easier to copy someone else's work, but then it wouldn't be my work would it, and I've always believed good or rubbish, at least its all mine.   Plus there is something to be said for working it out, as it gives an understanding of the how and what.
I've said before my sketchbooks look like architect plans.
As well as trying by drawing, I do also go on to make paper mock ups.  I find it a lot easier to work in my hands this way, and to look and adjust and see what I like and don't.

Here we have a whole pile of try-outs in different sizes.  This set of workings pre-dates my Beach Hut trials, so it informed me of how to proceed with those.

So after all that plain dull playing, which actually I find quite satisfying... this is what appeared.

Little colour ideas for a selection of, and a stitched sample.  So far it has not gone any further than this, but it might do.  However, there is a whole wrath of colourful houses and  birdies around, lots of skillful artists experienced with bright colour and shapes, which I am drawn to looking at, but not quite made my own.  Unless of course you count this...

My secret postcard made for Burnham Art Trail 2014.

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