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27 January 2016

Paint Play and Computer Twiddles!!

Somewhat unexpectedly I find myself at home today instead of usual stitchy engagement. Car park being revamped and all the side streets full, so my companion and I decided, not walking miles, let's go home.  It cost me money though... on way home I decided to call in to the paper arts store, and bought some of these.

Yes I do have a bag of cosmetic sponges, but they soon disintegrate, plus I like the look of the tiny sharp point, so will give them a try.

I've been playing with paints... had the Gelli Plate® out for a play.  Ended up with about 20 prints of varying success.

I played with this one on the computer, mixing it up with a photo, and then mixing that result with another photo... it turned into this:

I may do things with this.... I do have specialist papers for an inkjet printer.

This piece is a different kind of computer play.  This is having stitch added to it, and if you are familiar with my art Facebook page you will see it in the heading. It is actually this:

I do really enjoy the non directed arty play, as in, just see what happens.  It may well also feed into an idea for a piece which is very specific.  Big challenge when the creative leanings are abstract, to make something which needs to be recognisable, but still retain the essence of what makes me tick.  I do abstract purely because its me, its what's in my head and flows out the fingers.... as a young child I would sit and cry in art lessons because I couldn't draw a tree or a butterfly.  These days I realise, much as I love beautiful artwork which is realistic, to actually do it, simply isn't me.

Got more ideas to play with, so think the paints will be coming out again today.


chocolatefrog said...

Exciting! Great depth and juxtapositions even before adding stitch.

Diane Kelsey said...

Looks like fun. X