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07 February 2016

I need more alcohol!!

I'm all muddled headed - too many things going on, not least home life is topsy turvy, been a lot of yes/no/may be for weeks.  The yes bit is done and finished, but there is still a may be hovering around.

Its made it hard for me to make art, because I don't have any head space, and then when I do find it, I end up not doing what I should, I think for fear of getting that wrong, or that its too simplistic and I'm not challenging myself and developing as I intend.

So this is one of the side track things I played at.

I love it - its alcohol inks, a stencil and glossy photo paper.  Saw the technique on one of the Facebook groups I belong to, but ended up with, well I don't have that, or that, but let's give it a go.  There are only two colours in this, and it worked better that way.  Course in my haste forget to wear gloves, not that I'm keen on doing so, and ended up with gross black edgings to my nails.

The Material Girls have exciting time ahead, and I will tell you more after our meeting this week, but the work we've made for Rainham Hall, at long last can be seen - mhmm must get it out and check its all OK. - see the poster info below

When you actually see my pieces for The Materials Girls, and if you recall my previous work for Tales & Textiles - you might well understand the current splash of colour!  As we used to say as kids - I've gone a bit leery!!

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