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30 September 2016

Dodging the Bullet (Journal)

So time has run away with me, again.... perhaps I should write more lists, or perhaps that's yet another avoidance of doing, cos list keeping can be a full time career.
Not only have I lost hours looking at Bullet Journals, to decide if I need one... errr No.  This week I've discovered another - Log Book - yes a book to record things achieved.  Now eons ago I had heard of a Brag Book, and thought, right I will do that, make myself a little book to record the good stuff I've done, to confirm I've done something with my time.
So for several years I made one of these:

Had to be a small book of patterned pages - no idea why, just did.  Two pages to a week, in which I briefly wrote out achievements for the week, no pretty journal stuff.
I kept these for a few years, and then moved on to a simple small purchased page a day diary, and stopped recording what I've achieved as such.  It has shown up patterns, ie several times during the year opportunities arise, other times of the year everything collides. I still use the diary to record opportunities found, regardless of whether I go for them or not. I also avidly note arty purchases, ie how much, where from, incredibly useful to search out when I need more, and to see how long certain things last.

I have got something new to share, but its time sensitive, so give it a couple of days, I'm squealing with excitement.

In the meantime there's art housekeeping to do.  Putting work back in cupboards, which it should fit in to. However, it turns into, chuck it in and slam the door, run before it falls out again. Pondering the merits of photos to use on business cards, even what to write on the card, and which order.  Its not like I don't have any and have never done, but trying to work out which information is the most important, and should be first, and has that changed.
I did get myself a QR code thingy and was going to add that to my Trail displays - but actually how many people use?  Might have better luck welding a Pokemon to it.

Sooooo call back in a few days, and I will have something colourful to show you.

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