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18 September 2016

Bing Bong

Well of late, this little blog has been one of these service announcement thingies.

Bing Bong
The next event which Beverley has planned
will be the

Its just I decided to give some things a whirl, which not done before, and everything collides in the same time frame.

Hadleigh Art Trail has been and gone, I sold nothing at the event, but had lovely time meeting people when stewarding and at the tea party.  First time entry, not sure about another, too early to determine that.

Rochford Art Trail is still on - until 24th, so please visit if you can.
Got very excited one evening when the mobile rang (you have to know I don't have the mobile clamped to my ear, it hardly ever rings - except to ring twice to signal, someone's home or got off the train and waiting).  Soooo is it my art work they want, oh which piece, how much.  Naaaah, apparently I'm looking to swap where I'm living and this person is interested.  So hubby will get a new room mate!!!  
I did the Art and Design Sale as part of the Trail - sales were few, and I spent more than I took, well I'd taken this large float in case and rude not to spend.

So I can't share anything that I am making at the moment, as they are all things needed for others to have first dibs on.  So it does make it look like I don't do anything!!

Bing Bong
I do have work,
am making stuff full of absolutely gorgeousness (cough)
you will fight over it and pay me millions for it.

In the meantime I will do something 'pretty' which I can share with you, warning, may involve paint.  Cough, says the person who decides to sponge black gesso on paper the night before the Art Sale, and then thinks, hope this comes off my fingers and nails.

Bing Bong
will leave you with

Out at the Book Fair last November
I did some simple black and white stitching on printed book pages.

I have things I regularly attend where I can't share the 'secret' work
and everyone is chatty so hard to concentrate.
I thought I would do more of this simple stitching.
Then I saw Karen Ruane's blog posting,
starting here
Wow, I love that book got to get me one.
And so here it is, my go out and about and stitch in book.
Easy to pick up and go - needles, scissors, thread and the book.
I hope to use it for the forthcoming year and see how full it gets,
or whether its diverted by tea, cake and chat!

1 comment:

karen said...

love what you have done with the grids and guides book....the stitching of the text has me captivated too, the printed books, wow!