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14 October 2016

Can You Just..... Of Course I Can

Having completed two Art Trails in September, I had assumed that I was done for the year in terms of events to showcase work.  I don't make for Christmas, its an occasion which is less than happy for me, for many reasons, and I'm not a huge fan of the celebratory makes, as in for me to make them.  I try hard, not to, but its possible to end up with Bah Humbug as my mantra at this time of year.  The only consolation is, chocolate choice at this time of year!

So thinking on, and having ideas for reconsidering art practice... out of the blue has come two opportunities.

I made these for the first.....

This was a quick turnaround, as in only a few days between receiving details, and date for postage in order to meet deadline.
The work has to fit in a CD case - so its very specific on size to meet.
So I've sent these off, the nature of the event is there will be no personal acknowledgement of receipt, so I have to hope they arrived.  I will hear nothing again until April time, when hopefully a fat cheque arrives! (I have seen a photo of a box of entries, but which brown envelope is mine....) The good news is that there is a minimum price of £20 per piece, you set the price yourself, but that's the starting level.  So now I need patience, to see what returns.  So for a full day of intensive work (plus takes ages to label and pack), I hope someone likes and buys  (at least one, please).

Next, the opportunity to enter an Open Exhibition - internet submissions.  Now I have been in this Exhibition twice before, but haven't had success in many years.  Always difficult when you stitch, as usually the Open has only 3-4 pieces.  I had decided not to bother any more - but the entry fee for three pieces is only £15 and entry online is fill in a form and send images.  Its very easy, especially when I make a practice of photographing everything I make.  This is a selected event, so its all down to the judges, and whether work fits in with other pieces to make a good display.  I won't know the outcome for about 3 weeks.

So.... the question remains, have I actually finished submitting for the year?

1 comment:

chocolatefrog said...

CD pieces look good - doing better than me, I completely forgot to take photos! Not like me at all.