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11 November 2016

November Voice for Stencil Girl Products

Here I am with my second contribution for Stencil Girl Products.  Still equally as excited and thrilled to be participating.

The Stencil Club stencils are launched on 1st of every month.  November sees a set designed by Jessica Sporn.

You can see the launch of the stencils here on the blog: Stencil Girl Talk

You will see from the reveal that the designs are floral based.  Whilst very pretty and I'm sure I could do lots with them as they are, I decided it was time for a personal challenge.

It was time to look.....
deeper - sideways - upside down

and I found this motley bunch lurking

I'm still thinking if they are partying, or on their way home..
The one on the right is miffed for being the designated driver, or else has a curfew!

First of all I had a play, quick tracing of the shapes with a pencil, not very accurately, but the ideas came from it.  I immediately saw not a flower/seed head but shoes!
All of the stencils are used somewhere on this piece.

~ The background used the 6x6 - acrylic paint all over Daler Rowney 250 gsm Mixed Media paper.  Two colours of acrylic paint but I thought it a little bright, so brushed gesso over the top.
I made something for them to stand on, with acrylic paint and the large stencil.
~Then to the Girls.  I started with the feet and worked my way up
I coloured them in using Derwent Inktense pencils, made it very easy to get into the small spaces, then once wet the colour, boom soo much intensity.
Outlined with a black pen, but still needed something so this time, I added some sparkle, using Spectrum Sparkle pens  - black, gold and clear.
The only element which is me, are the eyeballs (not the eye shape) and the eyelashes, everything else is found within the stencils.
~ They were begging for some words - but I couldn't think what suited, until a magazine supplement arrived with loads of quirky phrases, so I cut one out and stuck on.

I have a feeling that at nighttime, when I'm asleep, they get up and cause mischief... what do you think?

Please click to see larger images.

Take a look at the blog here to see what the other Voices made with the stencils, and I'm not the only one to see characters!

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