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03 January 2017

2017 - Here I Come

Salutation and Felicitations

What a weird year 2016 was... all sorts of things left me feeling discombobulated. Anyway what do they say, New Year, New Start.

So much to do.... The Material Girls have lots of plans for the year.  My local Branch of the Embroiderers' Guild have an Exhibition, so I wish to participate in that.  I wish to attend the Book Fair again.  So it looks like May will henceforth be known as Manic May.

As I write I still have three pieces of work on display in the Essex Open Exhibition - this is on until 11th February.  Do try to visit, its in what was previously the Library, two buildings down from the Southend/Liverpool St rail station.  There's a small car park next door, and parking opposite.  Details of items in this post.

I also have work still in Inverness - as part of the CD Exhibition - this isn't due to return to me until March.  Would be nice if I sold one piece - but with so many to choose from.... you can see my pieces from this post. 

As if all of this wasn't enough, I've got so many things I want to create and try, but they don't come to fruition, as other work takes priority.  Plus, working for events, they have the 'look see' first, so I can't really share until the moment, and it looks like I do nothing!

So, wanting change, wanting exploration, wanting fun - as part of that I've signed up for two classes - yes I know mad, but its self regulated, so its down to me what I do and when.

The first is this one.

Its already started, and consists of daily short video of technique/project, from the world of Mixed Media.  It is what it say, Jumpstart, so is only for January.

The second is

This one has yet to start properly - later in week, and lasts the year.  I've joined this one because I follow several of the tutors via Facebook or blogs, so like their style.  Again no pressure to do.
Actually its been a surprise to see more and more people are adding stitch to their paper projects - so as you can imagine, I'm very happy.

As my ideas for Fun didn't work out last year, I thought if I actually schedule Fun into the diary, and having paid for it, I will do it.  I believe this is the premise also in the book, 

which I've partially read - the premise being to make a habit of doing.  Whilst yes I do create and make, its not such a regular scheduled thing.  Partly I don't want this, but also partly I think I need it!!  So we will see.
I've also changed the format of my 'art calendar' this year so will see how that goes.  I have this propped up near where I work, in part also so him indoors can see what I need to do, and when I need the car!

Next on the Agenda is the EG January meeting, at which they have to put up with me! Nothing too taxing, we are just looking at ways to frame and mount work for exhibition, and means of packaging etc.  We have several new Members so no doubt latter especially useful.

So here we go again with whatever 2017 brings forth - all I know is that it needs to change in all sorts of ways for me.  I don't know if anyone ever comes and reads this blog - in some ways it doesn't matter, because I use it as a means to record what is happening in my art world.  So if you do read, please say hello, and please keep me company for the forthcoming year.

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