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27 January 2017

Racing Through January

Wow, we are racing towards the end of January already.

I've completed my commitment of taking the Meeting at our local Embroiderers' Guild, and new year brings a flurry of information and notices to share out to the Members, so the computer has been occupied for a while.

I've already started with my online courses, though of course I should have realised, that one which is committed to videos no longer than 15 minutes, doesn't mean it only takes 15 minutes to replicate the technique!

The Material Girls have now removed the exhibition work "With the Compliments of Capt John Harle" - however, not only is the work to be shown in another venue, the Exhibition time as been extended.
So now you will be able to see this body of work from 29th March - 8th July at Havering Museum.

Take a look at The Material Girls website and blog to see what is coming next, because the Group will be back exhibiting at the Hall in September.

I still have a piece at Rainham Hall, and it will be there for, an as yet, unknown to me, time period..  This is because it (purely unintentionally) fits in with the display of the original Will its based on.  My work in the fireplace.

Its the entire Will of Capt John Harle, machine stitched onto paper.  From memory its over 20m long.

I would love to show you other things, but let's think.... new work for The Material Girls, no can't share that.  New work for the Embroiderers' Guild, no can't share that.

Don't forget though the Essex Open Exhibition is still on, until 11th February - and the CD Project at the Inchmore Gallery in Inverness continues until March.

Hopefully I will come back next time, with pretty things to share, but thought it was time for a catch up.

As I update the sidebar to the right, and any of the individual pages, I do add a notification to that effect at the top of the blog page, so keep an eye on that.

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