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02 March 2011

Colourways and Happy Dancing!

Busy doing nothing, working the whole day through.... sing along!!!

I've been trying to make some work, but its just not speaking to me, hence let's find a way to avoid it. I think the problem is the original plan, several small pieces from each colourway (above) when really I think I'll like it better as a larger piece in each colour, although the brown version might get binned.

Last week I was allowed inside the M25 to meet Miriam. Sadly the trail of breadcrumbs Miriam suggested I leave were all gone for the return journey, so with the masses of roadworks in this part of the world, I had a little excursion before getting home. But it was lovely to see her and we had a good chat.
On a positive note, if I didn't say, my Sketchbook arrived and was logged in for The Sketchbook Project, which is now on its tour of the USA!   My two submissions deadlines for mid/end Feb were duly made.  And this morning I've had an email to say I've been accepted on one.  It means work up for six months - I will get my time slot shortly, but its possible I'm looking at a time period covering early 2013!!!  The other submission I won't hear from for a while as yet.  And in the meantime another opportunity has arisen, this time for work to be up for 4 months.  So at the moment I'm in the mix of Happy Dancing, and stomach flip panic - I said I'd do WHAT!!!

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chocolatefrog said...

Great news, congratulations! Aren't you going to be busy... nothng like a few deadlines for motivation though, and the stitched paper pieces look very promising.