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07 March 2011

Colourways and Home Rituals


And this is what the strips became...  Notice no brown, technical fault rather than design.  Glue I used for the metal foil decided to firmly weld itself to the foot of the machine and up the needle, so impossible to work.
Next step needs contemplation, so these may sit for a while.
We went "home" on Saturday.  Back to Norfolk to see family, it was a case of go now (not been since 1st Jan) or else not another opportunity until late April, when there's a collision of successive Bank Holidays, which means those we need to see may not be at home!  Home visits involve a lot of driving across the county to see everyone, but for me, also involve a little ritual.  Whenever I go back to my home town, I visit the fabric shop!  Its been there years and years, I only remember it as such, though mother recalls otherwise.  Its a proper traditional fabric shop, not a craft shop, you won't find much by way of patchwork fabrics - just the type of fabric needed to make clothes, from heavyweight jackets to pretty summer dresses, and proper sewing thread to stitch them, no embroidery threads or anything fancy.  Its a rare shop these days, and yet whenever I visit, its always got other customers, so I think still much needed.  And what did I buy, its not glamorous... I bought some more felt - its the only place I know where I can buy it by the metre and not in silly little squares.  This time I bought in mottled grey, a new colour since my last visit! I use it a lot as a soft suport for my stitched paper, and so I have something to stitch into when adding hand embellishment.


Sue Amour said...

Hi Beverley. I just replied to your book query on the interweave site. The book is Layered, tattered and stitched by Ruth Rae. Check out they have it for £8.59 free delivery. Hope this helps.

Beverley said...

Thanks so much for that Sue - will check it out.