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18 March 2011

Exhibitions, Shopping and Doodling!!

I popped along to see the ERTF/Owen Jones exhibition again at Chelmsford Museum.  Be quick, you have until 27th March to see if before it moves on to Hertfordshire.  See here  Lots of lovely comments in the book.  I had a chance to have a good look at the artists' sketchbooks which are exhibited alongside the pieces.  Its very informative.  Of course I'm part of the exhibition, you can see a snippet of my piece in an earlier posting. Following this I popped into Hobbycraft in Chelmsford.  It is a much larger store than the one in Basildon, and having sent him indoors on a recce to the one in Norwich, I believe it is also larger than that shop.  Of course I went in wanting nothing in particularly, but did ask the cashier to whisper the amount of money spent - cos it doesn't count if you don't say it out loud - does it?
I've also had confirmation of the date I'm at the Braintree Community Hospital - I've put the info up in the righthand menu - from end of September for six months.  This is a big thing for me.  Never ever have I put work anywhere for such a time period.
Having found that every single black pen in this house was not waterproof, and thanks to Miriam - I bought myself a set of Pitt artist pens.  I've had a little play.
I don't know if Zentagles is the proper term for these or just a new invention - I'd call it simply doodling.  But the partial stitch version was started some months back, long before the pen came out.  I see in the current April/May issue of Quilting Arts magazine, that there is an item on using this technique in fabric.  But if you like this sort of thing then keep in mind the Burnham Art Trail - as the artist Peter James makes very detailed drawings.
Its the weekend, and I have Saturday alone - time to look at, stroke, may be even use, my new purchases!

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