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14 May 2013

In Print

I have a new toy.  Been looking, asking, watching videos etc and finally decided Yep, let's go for it.
I have bought one of these.
So why, first of all.  Well I felt I needed to inject a bit more of 'me' into things.  I don't use fabric so much these days and when I do I tend to paint it with acrylics.  Several reasons, for one I don't need or want yards of stuff the same colours, paint gets me the exact colour I want, and also I can do as little as I want.  Plus I hate clearing up after dyeing.... the process seems to take 5 minutes and tidying 3 hours.  Then I was thinking ought to try some more mono printing, I wonder what if.... duh idiot, I know what if, I've got samples from my studies.
So researching the Gelli Plate and saw a particular brayer/roller recommended, errr I have one of those, liquid acrylic paints, that's all I do use, and I even have some of the Shaper tools like rubber paintbrushes from eons ago.  So I bought it, and have had a little play.
The very pale one on the top right is Lutradur, but its the fine grade 30, but at least it works.  Otherwise I tried, my fave cartridge paper at 160gsm, some photocopy paper which is 100gsm and some index cards, which I buy from Staples.  I did try a couple of old book pages, but they are very old books and the paper tore when I pulled it off the Gelli.
I also have a collection of Masks or Stencils, not quite sure what to call them, made from mylar or plastic.  So I used some of those, and here you can see how they ended up after, and I rather like this!
Actually I've not cleaned them.  Partly cos it makes me look like a proper artist all messy, and partly cos I saw that its actually not necessary, and apparently the paint will peel off.
I didn't make zillions of samples, no point until right colour choice.
But the good thing from my point of view.  Cleared my table, got out the supplies, made a pile of samples, cleaned the Plate and the table, you only need plain water, and, ta dah - only an hour start to finish.  Plus they dry so fast, and I don't have space to leave things out to dry.  And the messiest thing - my fingers!


Emma said...

Fabulous, a great start! The clean up of some things is such a bore sometimes, unless you can take a couple of prints as you do it of course! Just off to defrost my gelatin plate, no idea what will happen ;)

Miriam Weaver said...

I've notice that a lot of people are using Gelli plates recently, you have some good results there. Must have a chat about them when I see you next time.

Beverley said...

oooh Emma, that sounds like fun. Miriam, I've done mono printing before, on glass, acetate/ohp film and even plastic bags wrapped around a phone book. Used printing inks and acrylics, so hesitated over should I buy..... but I think this is easier to use and above all easier to clear up after, no mess on my table. Cleared that and then picked up the prints and they were dry too.