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10 May 2013

Now On and Coming Soon

The Materials Girls are now exhibiting in Canada!  Exhibition opened 10th, with our Canadian partners, Articulation. Click on this link for a good article.  The top picture is work by Material Girls Leader, Chris Spencer  and the bottom picture is mine!
Chis Spencer along with fellow Material Girls member, Miriam Weaver and other artist friends are about to have their own exhibition in London, opening next week.  Please see Seeking Artemis

The Sewing Box  (where you can find me in a couple of weeks) has added details of all the classes currently on offer.  Scroll down the page, the link is by the photo of ribbons.  Visit the shop on Facebook, follow the request, and you can have the chance for a £20 voucher and a workshop place.

Can I ask that as you are reading this about creative arts, that you take time out to look at this Petition to stop the government from reclassifying craft as non-creative.


chrissythreads said...

I signed the petition Bev. Are the government mad! Probably a silly question

Miriam Weaver said...

Your piece advertises the bridging waters exhibition brilliantly! I signed the petition via Facebook a few days ago and sent it to my other half too as he's a supporter of the crafts 'me'
Hope to see you at Seeking Artemis and big thankyou for the plug.

Lcfzx said...

Duly signed.

Lesley said...

I've signed and passed the word on to others I know who are in the craft industry. I knew the government was mad but they are getting worse.
Good luck with your exhibitions and workshop.