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24 September 2013

Hello Halo

Go on... admit it, you are like me!  Recognise this person...
Take something out of a drawer, go to put it back and it doesn't fit, a lot of wiggling and shaking and squashing the contents and phew slam that drawer shut, Yeah.  10 minutes later you need something else out of the same drawer, only now the contents has sprung back up and its welding itself to the base of the drawer above.  Break out in a sweat after another 10 minutes wrestling, huffing and puffing and thinking if not saying rude words, #*"#**^*  But happy dancing, the drawer flies open, you nearly fall over backwards with the effort, but who cares, now you can get at the must have item which naturally is in the bottom of the drawer.  2 hours later you realise, big deep breath, need to close the wretched drawer, again.... course now the content is even more rummaged around and requires a sledge hammer to force it back in.

Well ta dah, I'm now wearing a halo, na naaah.  After months, if not years with struggling with the drawer, I finally decided, errr, why don't you tidy and edit the content.  Oh how radical an idea is that then, why spend 40 minutes tidying when you can spend endless amounts of time in battle.

I now have a drawer which slides in and out very easily, in fact I may spend my day doing just that... because I can, mwah ha ha.  I may apply for a job in a furniture store, demonstrating ease of drawer opening, now I've perfecting the knack.

Of course all of this has been very taxing, I need a lie down, or chocolate, or both, cos one drawer is such an effort, who knows when I will venture to tidying and sorting the others.
Ooops this is the table, after last weeks doing and out and about transporting things, its got to go back somewhere... sigh.
As they say, careful of the halo, if it slips it might choke!
Right, so first task, find the chocolate!

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