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18 June 2014

Burnham Art Trail 21st-29th June

Burnham Art Trail
21st-29th June 2014

You can see, I am in the Funeral Directors
The flowers are those belonging to the venue, but I think the soft colours compliment
my sugar sweet colours.
This work has been seen before, but not in this entire collection.
Unfortunately still catching up since life situations, so making
most of what I have.

Apart from the long book, back/centre, items are for sale.
Far right beach huts, stitch/watercolour, pieces include mini easel displayed on.
If interested, please contact me direct, not my host venue.

I do have a few cards and notebooks for sale as part of Unframed
to be found at Venue 1, The Museum.
Also at Venue 1,  Secret Postcards, available via a sealed bid,
and yes I have contributed to this.

Do take a look - lots of very talented people with a range of specialisms.

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