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24 June 2014

Out and About

Right, I think I can now reveal my venue for the Rochford Art Trail, though eagle eyes may have spotted it in the right hand column.  Eyes, ha, she made an in joke and didn't realise! Yes I'm back in the opticians on North Street.  Lovely people.

I've had a few days of different things all in succession.  
A meeting of potential venues and artists for the Rochford Art Trail, chance to meet people, for those who didn't come I think they missed out.
The next day was an Embroiderers' Guild meeting, where Penny took us through making 3d containers from funky foam.  Lots of wonderful things made.  I can't show you my effort.  Unfortunately funky foam has a bit of a smell to it, reminds me of bubblegum, I left it in a bag of things to come back upstairs.  Should know better, 2 beasties with 4 legs lurve plastic bags, so they shredded that, and found my piece and tore that apart.
Then The Material Girls monthly meeting, where we are excitedly involved right at the start of a project with the National Trust, things are progressing.  Oooh must get on with my project, don't worry, I have a list, no ideas, just a list!!  If I work to usual I will have a brilliant idea, make it, abandon, and do something else.
Next a trip out to see an exhibition by the Members of Night & Day textile group.  They currently have an article in Workbox magazine.  Lovely display of work, be quick finishes this weekend if you want to see it. The clickable link takes you to their Facebook page.
Of course, as I end up only one roundabout away from Hobbycraft, well frankly its rude not to visit, so stopped off there.
This week is EG stitchy meeting and Burnham Art Trail stewarding.

I'm trying to put things back in cupboards, and of course although I didn't buy much at Hobbycraft, still got to fit it in somewhere.  So I've nothing arty to show you.
However spooky muzak time, in my blog feed several blogs yesterday/today all showing views of beautiful countryside/nature, taken near/from the author's location.  Must be a bit of sunshine.  I don't have such nice views out my window, so went into the garden and took these... well, had to, they are purple.

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