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21 July 2014

Secret Revealed

Remember this previous posting, where my lovely piece of artwork to show, was just a ?

Well the secret auction at Burnham Art Trail  is long over and I'm assuming my Postcard has gone to its forever home.  Here it is to share with you all.

Of course, to match my window, it just had to be a Beach Hut!
The base is Kraft card with free machine embroidery
The Hut itself is has been closely straight stitched
then it was monoprinted and then attached to the base

close up detail

I hope its new owner enjoys

For the time being the Beach Hut theme is being put into storage.  I'm trying very hard to pursue an idea given to me years ago. That is to have 2/3 themes of work, to move between them, as both the mood and ideas strike.  To this end I've gone back to my Map theme, for my personal work - although I also like to play and just make whatever and have ideas on a third theme.  All of my ideas could mingle with each other, ie take a journey (map) to a beach hut!  But that is more accident than design, although may be a link can be found between anything, if you just look.
I don't know if this process will be long term, will be a good thing for me or not - its just not a way of working I've pursued before, but I can see benefits. So watch this space, and the Maps are due out on show in September.
Beach Huts, Maps and other pieces can be seen on my website which has a selection of my work.  Anything which interests, please contact me.

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