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25 March 2015

Happy Dancing

Well do you want the good news, or the good news?

I'm a very happy bunny, news to share.  Back in the Burnham Art Trail this year.  That's only part of the excitement, the other part is the venue.

Chapel Studio
Albert Road
Burnham on Crouch

I'm super excited, because this venue is a new experience for me.  I have now participated in 14, yes 14 Art Trails.  12 of them as an individual artist and two as part of other groups, in four different towns.
So far I've had work in an Osteopaths, Funeral Directors, Hair Salon, Restaurant, Opticians, Bank, Tourist Centre, Historic House, Shop and a Church.  All of these are what makes, for me, Trails, enjoyable, the challenge of the existing business and the area available to display.
However, the Happy Dancing is because this is the first time ever I've had work in a Studio.  I know I will be alongside others, but I don't know who yet, but it does mean visitors get to see a few artists at the one place.
Note your diaries, the Trail runs:
20th-28th June 2015

This news has brought about a decision re the opportunity I received recently.  As there is a slight cross over in dates, although it is possible, there are other things heading to making June look a busy month, so I think sense says I will not try for the recent option.

Updates, and more details will be sure to follow.

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