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12 April 2015

Sunday Share - 12. 4.15

If you follow my Page on Facebook, then you will know I have a Sunday Share, with a photo of my work.
I started this back in November, in response to seeing another's work.  I looked and thought hang on, people love that, and I have work in a series of that ilk, hrrrumph, I'll show it off.
So from 2nd Nov 2014 to end March 2015 every Sunday I've shown a piece of my art.  I do have more I can show, but partly felt like a change and partly some things need to remain hidden until exhibition.

So last week from beginning of April, I decided to switch the share and to take a look through my Sketchbooks.

Last week, I showcased this.
At first glance it might appear to be a zentangle, but actually it isn't that at all.  Its actually all about working out how to offset a square within a square so it appeared to move around.  The pen patterns were only made as a way to distinguish the individual squares so I could see them!  This dates back to 2011 and quite why I wanted to know how to do this, I've no idea, as I never did anything more with it.

This week, I've shared this, dating back from 2001:
This is me... I'd love to have the Sketchbooks of gorgeousness I see others have.  But my sketchbook keeping is really very very practical, often contains lots of diagrams and measurements.  I can visualize things much easier in my head and constructing, than in any form of paint, collage, drawing.  I've never worked it out, why what's in my head doesn't come down my arm into a pencil and paper - but does if I use fabrics and threads.  I'd still love the beautiful books, but have to settle with knowing that's not me, just far too practical for my own good.
So the above was made - likely why there's a tick!
Its black velvet, with a page from a book, overlaid with wooden sticks and machine Or Nue over the top  Took ages to sew in all those ends, and as if that wasn't enough - there are two more!

I hope my non pretty sketchbook sharing, will help others in weeks to come, who thought, as I did, that I HAD to produce the colourful, arty handwritten, inspiring, bulging wow factor  books.  So please visit my Facebook page for the briefest of info on Sunday Share, and the intent is to add thoughts behind the pages here.
See you soon.
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