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19 April 2015

Sunday Share - 19. 4.15

Another posting to compliment the Sunday Share on Facebook.

Its been interesting pulling out what I think is my first ever Sketchbook post college, well post Embroidery studies.  As usual I'm surprised looking back at how good somethings are - like looking back on stitching and thinking wow, that is so neat.

In this Sketchbook I came across this....
Click on and hopefully it will enlarge to read

I had followed the self assessment course offered by the Embroiderers' Guild Workbook and this is obviously my end self analysis.  Interesting to look and see that some things have not changed, noting the date of September 2001.  I wonder if this is less about not knowing or trying to extend and explore, and more the self doubt which seems to plague artists all the time.
I've done many workshops etc on self evaluating as an artist, and they all say it should be done regularly, well its probably 3 years since I tentatively did it last time, and much has changed.  Time to do it again..... but it is scary!

So the pretties from the Sketchbook this week.  I found this, under a layer of protective glassine paper.

Its dated August 2001.  "Leftover wallpaper paste plus teeny pva, plus Brusho and sprinkles"
The sprinkles are a mix a paua shell, and teeny beads which I think may be called caviar beads, and sequin confetti stars, ie the ones without holes in, which was all the rage to sprinkle over tables or throw a handful in a birthday card.
Love the colours, and surprisingly, everything is holding up well, though of course its firmly on the page, so who knows if it would disintegrate otherwise.
Oh, and I must learn to write more concise notes for self... and worse, when I add notes to multiple things on a page, I've no idea if they relate to the image to the left of them or right or below.  
See you next week

Hopefully in between I'll update on what else I've been doing, as usual, its my 8 days where everything happens at once and then nothing.

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