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23 April 2015

Been Here and There....

Quite often in my diary I have everything hit in a short space of time, and then no appointments. So once again I find myself in the space of eight days with a mix of textile art experience.

Firstly, local Embroiderers' Guild branch meeting.  Guest speaker was Wendy Smith on Goldwork.  Wendy is a friend to our Branch as she used to belong before moving out of the immediate area, and many of us, inc me studied City & Guilds Embroidery alongside her.
So as well as all the beautiful work, and the mass of knowledge Wendy shared, it was a nice catch up.

Few days later and its the monthly meeting of The Material Girls.  So much exciting stuff, planning and sharing.  Its hard sometimes to feel I should belong when out of bags and folders appears this amazing work.  I'm consolidated on two ideas, just need to think of something else - well I have, just not sure it would fit in, or just my mind racing away.  Probably change that idea a zillion times from end product anyway.  The other two pieces are on at least version three.

On way home I went to see a textile exhibition, well nearly got to see it.  Hrrumph.  Popped in, asked to be directed elsewhere, which I was, said OK I'll be back in few minutes, only to get back and find sign on door to say "popped out for 30 minutes".  So wish I could have done a scene like in Pretty Woman - mistake, huge.  So I had to settle for look through window.

Next it was to the Conference of Eastern Region Textile Forum.
Someone always has to drive a long way as its a big Region to cover - but this time it was my turn to be local, bliss.  Upcyling the theme.  Guest speaker Lisa Tilley who breathes new life and purpose into vintage bags and china.
We also had a hands on practical.  Each of us had to make a newspaper bag and fill it with five items.  We were then given someone else's bag plus an inspiration pack and had to turn it into something.
This is the bag I collated for someone else.
I don't believe Suzanne was impressed by the sticks and tea bag!
In turn I received this one
and very pleased that I managed to use all 5 items in my make!  A n d  a piece of the newspaper!

Paperwork is out for the next ERTF selected exhibition.  "Order and Chaos" - so will have to think about that, and already noting for 2016 diary.

Whilst at the Conference DH was in Norwich and visiting the Castle Museum, so he was told, you must go and see the Lorina Bulwer samplers and bring me back a postcard!  Click the name to take you to the BBC tv programme.
Glad to say he is well trained and obliged.

A complete mixture of things in such a short space of time.

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chocolatefrog said...

These "lucky bag" challenges are so tricky, always bring things you wouldn't normally use! But you were very inventive, may be ideas you can take forward there.