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26 April 2015

Sunday Share 26. 4.15

I picked out a random sketchbook to look at and found this.

I joined in with an Exhibition for the Embroiderers' Guild, taking inspiration from the contents of a museum in Leiston, Suffolk.

I have now participated in several of this kind of inspirational events, and enjoy them immensely.
So opening random page I found this, dating from 2009.

Its just a list of things I found within the museum.

Onto the next page and we have

A written list of ideas, you will see at the top, production line - make lots of the same thing.  Smells of oil, use oiled paper.
On the righthand side is a bit of artwork looking at rust effects.

I don't like large sketchbooks, as I find them a bit too cumbersome to physically hold.  However, I'm not adverse and frequently add extension pages in my notebooks, which is what the art page is.
Flipping over the page and I found a pocket and discovered this inside.

It says rust samples - but can't be in the true sense because of course its various forms of gold leaf.  However I am struck by the teeny stitching, how neat it looks and I should do more of...

Actually I'm finding this a worthwhile exercise to revisit things and remember, totally forgotten about this sample.

Wonder what I will find next week?


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