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28 April 2015

Paint + Play = Fun!

Well I have a new addition to the family....  another baby.. oh OK baby Gelli
4" round
It joins these two.
8"x10" and 3"x5"

There is a video on the Gelli Arts blog on using the round Gelli - take a look here.

This is my second play time.  I didn't follow the instructions... instead I stamped the entire page with solid block colours, overlapping.  Then laid various stencils on top and stamped through with the Gelli.  Quite pleased with my effort.

I have loads of stencils... and got a bit carried away the other day cutting files on my Silhouette Portrait.  Thought I'd cut 15 stencils, but actually when I added it up, its nearer 21!  Some free files and some purchases from the Silhouette Store.


chocolatefrog said...

Ooh, that looks fab! Loads of exciting potential.

Diane Kelsey said...

Just about to indulge in Gelli printing x

Beverley said...

Diane - I love Gelli printing, and part of the big Plus for me, is clean up so quick and minimal. Hate it when it takes 5 times as long to tidy as it did to play.